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How to Develop Positive Thinking – 5 Steps

5 Ways to Develop Positive Thinking How is your day going? Is it one of those blah days when you wish you could say something more than a mumbled ‘fine’ when asked ‘how are you?’ Everything isn’t fine, but you know that is the proper response. What if you could actually say ‘fine’ and mean …

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How Accountability Affects Dependability

Everyone makes mistakes. Even me. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe (haha). And personally, may I say, sometimes hard to admit. Yet, admitting mistakes is the path to dependability. Two things to do you make a mistake. own it learn from it Accept accountability for your decisions and actions. Being responsible is a …

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How to Adopt the Yes Attitude Toward Yourself

Adopting The Yes Attitude Toward Your Own Self Image There are many ways to improve your attitude toward your own self-image. Often, we are our own worst critics, and the way we speak to ourselves is usually much worse than how we’d ever speak to another person. Why is it so hard for people to …

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Stress Relief Tip – Say ‘No’

Stress has become the byword in the medical community, taking the blame for everything from obesity, heart disease, hypertension, and a hundred other conditions. So anytime we can reduce stress it’s a good thing. Believe it or not, the easiest way to remove stress from your life lies in the ability to say one simple …

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7 Tips to Defeat Imposter Syndrome

Who am I write a blog? What makes me think I have anything someone else wants to hear? Write a book? People will look at my name on the author line and say ‘who does she think she is writing a book?’ What if I go to that networking meeting and people find out I …

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