Defeating the LIES of Negative Self-Talk

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Do  you hear voices? Those voices that say ‘you are not pretty enough’, ‘you are a failure’, ‘you really messed up that last presentation’.  For me, it is that and so much more.

Finally one day I had to look at those big brown eyes starring back at me and say STOP!!

As I struggled to defeat those negative voices I found some ways to personalize them, to face them down, and to speak truth to the lie.

I wish I could say it was something I did once and it was done. But it isn’t.  It is a process.  A process that begins with one step. A process that continues today.

I want to share some of this process with you and help you find your style to personalize the lies, face them down, and defeat them – one by one. I have created a acronym of the word LIES to help guide you through the process.

It is my goal to help you explore within yourself some of the Negative Self-Talk Lies you express, and begin the process of replacing those personal lies with GOD’s TRUTH.

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What do the Voices in Your Head say to you? Are you ready to ditch the LIES and accept GOD’S TRUTH?


I didn't think I spoke negatively to myself. This program certainly opened my eyes to my personal self-talk.
Kathy D.
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