Goal Intentions

In September, my friend and fellow coach, Sheri Berger and I started a weekly Facebook Live. Each week we discuss topics of interest and encouragement.

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Goals vs Resolutions

A recent study shows that approximately 50% of people in the U.S. make New Year’s Resolutions; and that less than 10% keep them. A new

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60 Days of Gratitude

This week’s Journal prompt seeks to begin focusing on Gratitude. How can you remain in an Attitude of Gratitude? Yes, it is an attitude. It

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Tied To A Lie

Yesterday on Conversations with Sheri and TerryAnn we talked about mindset. This morning I was reminded of this empowering short story: “As my friend was

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Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Remember that goal you set on January 1. How are you progressing?This week’s journal prompt looks at that goal and reminds you to pursue it.

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