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What I Do

I Coach.

As a Certified Professional Life Coach I help you find possibilities within yourself you had not noticed by looking with new perspectives.

I Speak.

Let me share “Defeating the LIES of Negative Self-Talk” with your group.

I Write.

Knit and Crochet Bible Studies – now available on Amazon in Kindle and print formats.

Let's Talk

Free 15 minutes introduction call.

Monday Tea Time Moment

Join my Mondays at 2pm central  for a short break in your work to just rest and breathe.

Live (and replay) on Facebook and YouTube

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My Story

My name is TerryAnn Porter. I am a daughter, wife, mother, step-mother, grandmother, and so much more.

Marrying at 18, and mothering 2 beautiful girls, I divorced. I remarried and on the day before my 11th anniversary, was suddenly a widow. Right now my husband, Reed, and I are in our 21st year of marriage.

Suffering chronic back pain, I enjoy helping others find their inner strength. It is in this experience I have learned …….