Potential Pitfalls of a Fast-Paced Life

We live in a fast-paced world. The technological advances that were touted as ways to offer more free time have instead left us constantly tied to work and performance.

Even in our ‘rest’ time, vacations, and even going to bed, we are plagued by thoughts and connections that keep us busy. I don’t know about you but I can easily begin to fall into the pit of guilt if I am doing something which relaxes me. I begin to immediately make plans to enter the pit of working on or begin a new project. I convince myself, if I am not being productive, I am being lazy.

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I often feel like the man I used to watch on the old Ed Sullivan show. He used to spin several plates in the air, trying to keep them all going without one dropping to the floor. Do you ever feel like that?

Do you have your I-AM-BUSY i.d. card?

Unfortunately, this fast-paced lifestyle will catch up with you at some point and will have a negative impact on many aspects of your life, especially if left unchecked over time.

Let’s look at 3 pitfalls that living a fast-paced life may lead to:

Pitfall #1: Personal Relationships Breakdown

Often, when living with a demanding lifestyle, there is little or no time to focus on personal relationships. Important relationships with your family and friends can be affected by a breakdown in communication and connection. When you slow down, you have more time to build strong, high-quality relationships, that are fulfilling and rewarding.

Pitfall #2: Physical and Mental Health Decline

How often have you heard, or even used the phrase “I am too busy to exercise, or to eat healthy, or even to sleep: Our bodies NEED, yes NEED these things. Keeping a fast-paced life with little rest and self-care can lead to poor physical and mental health. Consistently fitting these activities into your schedule requires planning and preparation. When your days are packed with meetings, work obligations, running errands, caring for elderly parents, your spouse, and/or children, or school assignments, this can be a real challenge. Yet. neglecting your own care may lead to a host of physical and mental health conditions, such as recurrent viral infections, depression, anxiety, and burnout. If you don’t slow down, your body and mind will do so and eventually force you to do so.

And the 3rd one I want you to consider is:

Pitfall #3: Financial Insecurity

You are working hard to establish financial security, but there is a pitfall here as well. You can become so busy working, you neglect to take the time needed to stay on top of your financial situation and pay the bills. Some become so busy ‘making’ money, that they don’t pay attention to where they are ‘spending’ the money they work so hard to make. You need slow down to develop and follow a plan built around balance and long-term sustainability, rather than on short-term goals or risky profits.


While it may seem that a fast-paced life would be the only option to keep up with all the conflicting demands on your time, the consequences and pitfalls can be significant. It is important to block out some quiet time with a cup of tea so you can step back and see the full picture of your life with clear eyes.

Saying “no” to more things can free up the time you need to prioritize your health, personal relationships, and financial stability. Aligning these things will help you to make good choices and accomplish your goals.

Ultimately, slowing down can lead to a much more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Changing your perspective ‘busyness’ is the place to start. What changes will you make to your life and busy schedule to take a step toward a less busy life?

It’s time to change your PERSPECTIVE, to begin exploring new POSSIBILITIES, seeking out the various PATHWAYS opening, and PROCEEDING toward a fulfilling lifestyle.

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