Win or Lose

I was thinking, with this game 1 team will win and 1 will lose. It is inevitable. There will be a team that does not win.

That team doesn’t just give up, throw in the towel and say “I will never be good enough” and quit.

It made me stop to think, why do I do that? Why do I feel failure to the point I will quit if it doesn’t work, if I didn’t win, if no one noticed

My word for this year has two variations: FEARLESS and FEAR LESS

I am reminded not to quit. To FEAR LESS and be FEARLESS. To keep moving forward.

I have added a phrase to my words: SEE ME ROAR IN 2024.

Just like the team that doesn’t take home the trophy, I will persevere, I will learn from the moment and I will not stop.

Do you struggle to keep moving after an unsuccessful moment?

Let’s work together this year to fearlessly roar in 2024.

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