You Can Choose to be Happy…or Not

A Choice You Can Make in Life Is to Be Happy or to Be Sad Most of the Time

This knowledge doesn’t come to everyone. Some people live their entire lives embracing negativity and believing that the world is out to get them. They don’t realize that happiness is a choice.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are that type of person.

The person not accepting the choice of happiness believes that nothing good ever happens to you. If it does, it’s by pure chance. Life will certainly return to its old routine of knocking you down and kicking you while you’re there. Every person, thing, and experience you encounter will undoubtedly cause stress, strife, sadness, and other negative emotions.

Living life as this person, one day, your company decides to part ways with you. You’re fired. It’s not that you were a particularly terrible employee. It’s just that the company is downsizing, and you’ve got to go. This doesn’t surprise you, of course. The passage of time has taught you repeatedly that you are the whipping boy of the universe.

Now Imagine for a Moment That You Realize You Have a Choice

You can view this as just another of the many mistreatments life has dealt you. Or you choose a new perspective, one that reminds you to look at this as a wonderful opportunity. Now, you’ve got time to start that project you’ve always dreamed about. You see the silver lining in the cloud rather than just another rainy day.

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.Abrahan Lincoln

Making the Choice of Happiness in Pain

One of the biggest and hardest lessons of this choice is probably that the most important, wonderful, and influential people in our lives will sometimes be taken away from us. Older folks will tell you that you never get over the pain of losing a loved one. Through the pain, you try to focus on all that person’s great memories and good qualities.

In other words, you choose to focus on good things rather than obsess over not having that person in your life anymore. You make a choice. You act rather than react. You act on the memory of that person positively rather than negatively.

Cry. Forgive, Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness. – Steve Marabol

We all have choices. Every day we’re given the ability to steer our life in any direction we desire. We can accept that life is tough and there’s not much sense in making an effort. Or we can now decide to take action and start doing the things that give us meaning and purpose. You can choose to remain in a mindset of unhappiness OR you can choose today to change your PERSPECTIVE, to accept that happiness is POSSIBLE. The choice is yours to make right now. Embrace that idea and start living your best life today.

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