Continuing the Journey – Journal Prompt week 43

This week’s journal prompt asks you to think about your favorite book/movie/song.   Why do you like it? What do you feel when you read/watch/hear it?  What makes it special for you?  I love the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Every year I stop to wonder if I were never born, would there be any difference?

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When Those Around You Tell You ‘Do Not Go’

You have spent time preparing to step into your dream. You have saved, studied, and made the necessary arrangements to move forward. Then you tell those around you, those whose opinion you respect, expecting to hear words of affirmation and congratulations, only to be told how wrong you are to pursue this. How do you

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Journal Prompt Week 33

I was recently asked a question and struggled with the answer. That seemed like a perfect journal prompt. This week I wonder I challenge you to “Describe yourself in 15 words or less” I started by looking at an identity statement I made years ago. “I am a citizen of heaven (Heb 13:14), straining toward

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Journal Prompt – week 31

Are you participating in the weekly journal prompts? I hope you are finding hope and dreams within yourself through the questions. This week I have spoken with several women this week who wanted to do something, but just couldn’t take that step. I have battled that myself lately. I asked each of them, and I

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Journal Prompt – Week 27

Every day I ask myself the question “What is enough?” Everyone has a different answer to the same question. And every day, the answer can be very different than the day before. “Enough” seems to get lost in the chaos of life. We give more than we want to. We continue to carry a load

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