How to Adopt the Yes Attitude Toward Yourself

Adopting The Yes Attitude Toward Your Own Self Image

There are many ways to improve your attitude toward your own self-image. Often, we are our own worst critics, and the way we speak to ourselves is usually much worse than how we’d ever speak to another person. Why is it so hard for people to speak to themselves kindly?

One way to improve your self-image is to adopt a “yes” attitude. When you treat yourself with more kindness and respect, you begin to lose the fear of really trusting yourself. Too often we are scared to say yes to ourselves and invest time in ourselves. With a few tips and tricks, you can start adopting a “yes” attitude and improving your self-image.

Reframe your phrasing and start using more positive language when speaking to yourself (PERSPECTIVE).

Forbes Magazine suggests making it easier on yourself, especially after you make a mistake. Often, we’re rough on ourselves after making a mistake, even if it’s something small.

An easy way to use more positive language when speaking to yourself is to reframe some of your phrasing. For example, pretend you made a mistake that started a big fight between you and your spouse. When you reflect on the argument, you may think to yourself “I can’t believe I said something that stupid.” This is harmful language–you’re being mean to yourself for reacting in a stressful moment.

Instead of lingering on this negative language and being cruel to yourself, reframe your phrasing to be more positive and forward-thinking. For example, practice telling yourself “I need to apologize for what I said and move forward; next time we disagree, I won’t say something like that.” This phrase acknowledges responsibility for the mistake while also saying “yes” to a better future experience.

If you want to adopt a yes attitude and improve your self-image, the best way to begin is by changing your phrases and inserting more positive language into your self-reflection.

There is no harm in dreaming big and telling yourself yes.

When you say ‘no’ to yourself consistently, you place major limits on what you can actually accomplish in life. Success and growth are mental processes. Before you can make real strides and develop a better self-image, you can build confidence by allowing yourself to take on big dreams!

Thrive Global describes the importance of having big goals and dreams. When you realize that your biggest obstacle is your own mentality, you can slowly begin to change things and adopt a “yes” attitude to improve your own self-image.

If you feel a little nervous about saying yes to some of your biggest goals and ambitions,  you can begin adopting a “yes” attitude in small steps. Over time, your confidence will improve.

An example of a small step you can take is to constantly remind yourself of some simple life truths. These simple truths are often forgotten when we’re busy being negative and worrying about what could happen and go wrong in the future. Some examples of simple phrases you can use to calm your mind and move toward a more positive thinking, “yes” attitude are:

  • It’s okay to not have complete control over everything.
  • Sometimes, things don’t go my way, and that’s OK.
  • I can have big goals and dreams.
  • I will work hard to make my goals and dreams happen.
  • It is OK to say “yes” to myself.
  • I am a good person who deserves positivity in life.

What are some other phrases you can use to remind yourself you are valuable, you are worthy? Find ways to keep these words in front of you as a constant reminder. When you feel yourself wanting to say “no” to yourself (or if you’re having a particularly hard self-image day), take a moment to meditate and repeat your chosen phrase.

By taking small steps, you can adopt a “yes” attitude toward your own self-image. Each step takes you closer to a positive life.

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