How Accountability Affects Dependability

Everyone makes mistakes. Even me. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe (haha). And personally, may I say, sometimes hard to admit. Yet, admitting mistakes is the path to dependability.

Two things to do you make a mistake.

  • own it
  • learn from it

Accept accountability for your decisions and actions. Being responsible is a way of being and thinking for yourself. It empowers you because you will feel increased control over the events of your life.

Take equal pride in your strengths and your shortcomings. Refrain from making excuses. Instead, develop resolutions. Resolutions are an acknowledgment of the challenges you face, coupled with a solution for overcoming them.

For others, it may be easier to be irresponsible. Being accountable is demanding. You must choose to rise to the occasion. Watch over your actions because you have a responsibility to yourself. You must be able to depend on yourself before others can depend on you.

When you voice responsibility for your actions, others notice. You are an example for them to follow demonstrating that you are reliable and trustworthy. They know they can depend on you. Because you are dependable, your decisions and actions affect and influence theirs in a positive manner.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Whom do I look to for guidance?
  2. How has being accountable had a positive impact in my life?
  3. Have I seen examples of the adverse effects of being irresponsible?

Make this part of your personal declaration: My ability to accept responsibility has a positive impact on others. I am looked to for guidance. I seek new ways to guide others. It feels great to know others can rely on me to help them overcome obstacles.

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