Belief – Action – Results

What do you believe to be true about yourself? Take a moment and consider that.

Belief is defined as “an acceptance that a statement is true” and “trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something”.

What you believe to be true has an effect on how you will act.

That’s ridiculous TerryAnn!

Is it?

If you truly believed you are ugly (okay, I will make this personal here) if I believe I am ugly, my actions will have me rejecting compliments. That’s too easy. It’s doesn’t mean anything. Really?

When I reject the compliment, I probably do it with a comment like “no I am not, my hair is a mess, this color doesn’t work on, I am so fat” etc.

The result? I have just added self-imposed truth to my belief, continuing an action where I will not accept or participate in something which will call attention to myself.

Now, before you refute this minor train of thought, consider this. If that simple thought leads to an action of rejecting the idea of beauty, then offers a result of continuing the pattern – what do other beliefs lead to.

  • Belief – I am lousy driver
  • Action – drive with uncertainty, inconsistently, without paying attention
  • Result – perhaps a minor scrape (it doesn’t have to be major)
  • substantiates the belief – I am a lousy driver
  • and the cycle continues

It’s not just the negative beliefs. Positive beliefs work the same way.

  • Belief – I am (or want to be) a writer
  • Action – write at every opportunity, even creating some opportunities
  • Result – writing improves, opportunities increase
  • substantiates the belief – I am a writer
  • and the cycle continues

Whatever your belief, your actions will follow what you believe to be true. Every action leads to a result of some kind. These results, whether good or bad, will contribute to your belief.

Your beliefs lead to actions which lead to results, which reenforce your beliefs – and it continues.

Where do you see this cycle in your life?

What results would you like to change? To change the result, it starts with a belief.

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