The GAP between Knowledge and Intelligence

It is said that KNOWLEDGE is having the right answer and that INTELLIGENCE is asking the right question.

I am learning the hard lesson – it is ok, and even good, to ask questions.

It is hard to ask a question. When something is being explained, and I ask a question, the other person can become defensive in a response. As if my question is calling their information inaccurate. It is hard at this moment to explain that I am asking questions because I do not fully understand. I am asking for clarification.

On the other side of that dilemma is after the fact when I make an error because I didn’t ask the question. When confronted I get often got the answer ‘you should have asked me’.

To a people pleaser, this causes great anxiety and frustration. If I ask I may be wrong. If I don’t ask I may be wrong. I can’t win.

Part of my People-Pleasing Recovery is accepting there will be someone unhappy with me. All the time. There will be no time in my life when everyone will be pleased with me.

Thus, I must look to myself. What information do I need in this situation? How will I be able to use this information to complete what I must do? There is only one way to find out. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION.

I am not talking about shared gossip, wanting to know more. That is a topic for another post.

This is requiring information for me to move forward.

If I am about to run a race, I need to be properly clothed and wearing appropriate shoes. Asking questions to seek knowledge dresses me for the occasion.

What information do you need to move forward? What do you need to know to make that decision that is weighing on you?

The gap between KNOWLEDGE and INTELLIGENCE is closed by asking questions.

What questions do you need to ask right now? Take time this week to journal your thoughts so you may close the gap.

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