In September, my friend and fellow coach, Sheri Berger and I started a weekly Facebook Live. Each week we discuss topics of interest and encouragement.

We ended 2020 talking about setting smart goals versus making New Year’s resolutions and in January we are discussing breaking down aspects of goal setting. This week I talked about intentionally working toward a goal. In this discussion, I shared a couple of personal stories to understand this intentionality.

In one I talked about the first long road trip my husband and I took. Our ‘goal’ was to travel from Kansas City to Orlando, then to Myrtle Beach, then to return to Kansas City. He created a notebook for me. In it he broke down the trip to daily miles and activities, making note of possible detours and interruptions. Isn’t that just like working toward a goal?

Along the way, the path may have obstacles that we must circumvent. This does not alter the ultimate goal.

The other story is one I have shared in a blog in the past. Why I wash the towels first when doing laundry. Looking at the large pile of laundry can be overwhelming; just like a goal that I am working toward. If I do the towels first – that is the largest pile – then the remainder looks smaller and less daunting. What can you do in your goal planning to work out the most difficult piece?

How will you intentionally work toward your goal this year?

If you are so inclined and you followed the link to see the replays of the Live events, would you consider following us on Facebook and subscribing to my youtube channel? As a personal goal, I hope to reach 100 subscribers on youtube so I may get my personal URL. Thank you for considering this request.

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