Reduce Stress by Simplifying Your Life

Psychiatrist Neel Burton M.D. has many tips on how to alleviate and manage stress. Among them is a simplification. Burton feels making lifestyle changes such as simplifying our daily lives can be very beneficial.

Decreasing our to-do list or choosing just one battle at a time are certainly good ways to de-stress and simplify our lives.

But, is that easier said than done? Well, not really. There are many things we can do to give ourselves a simpler life. With fewer things to worry about our stress levels can be decreased and we can feel happier in general. 

1) Develop Routines

Psychologist Mariana Plata believes from her own personal experience that routine can be key to our mental health. A foray into being self employed taught her that without routines we can find ourselves losing motivation and passion for our careers. It is also important to note that as part of treatment for a number of mental health issues routine is found to be key.

Knowing what we are supposed to be doing throughout our day helps us to focus on getting these tasks completed. The unknown can often be daunting and make us feel stressed out. By using routines we take control of our lives and fight against the stresses of the unexpected. 

2) Declutter Your Life

A clean, and simplified living space can be very reassuring to our day-to-day lives. We are able to know where things are, focus more clearly and enjoy our time at home far more. Simply by removing things from our lives that serve no purpose and have no real meaning to us we are furthering our feeling of control.

A crowded home can be a stressful home but with room to breathe and focus we can find our calm. Go through your things and decide what you really need to be happy. My daughter tells me “if you haven’t touched it, used it, looked for it, even thought of it in a year get rid of it.” Once you have selected your core possessions then sell, donate, or throw away the rest. 

3) Become More Organized

Having decluttered your home, it is important to develop some further levels of control in your life. Organize your remaining possessions so that you optimize their daily use. It may be a home desk that you work from or your kitchen so that cooking is easier. When you have an organized home life you feel more relaxed. Take time to create a system that works for you.

 Final Thoughts

When we live our lives in a more organized fashion we feel in control. Chaos can leave us feeling stressed out so getting control at work, home or any other aspects of our lives is very important. This takes time and commitment but the rewards are undeniable. A well planned and organized life leads to a calm and happy life.

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