Peaceful Productivity

I admire women that are busy and productive, yet have an air of peace about them. They don’t fret over life’s interruptions, they don’t rush about. They get things done with a calmness and peace that seems unreal. Yet the peace is so strong within them I want to be enveloped in it.

I have sought that peace.

Though still far from achieving total peace, I have found myself on the path toward the peace Christ offers in John 14:27 “My peace I give to you”. Give!! He is giving me His peace. So, why am I so harried?


Peace, like Salvation is given. He is giving it. It sits there in front of me, free to accept. It is up to me to accept it. I am free to take hold of it, look at it in awe, or totally reject it.

In my pursuit of this peace I have developed  a 4 week interactive webinar. During this small group online session we will look at the acronym PEACE and find ways to accept that gift which Christ has freely given.

The cost of this 4 week series is just $10.  See the online registration then take a look at your busy calendar. I’d love to share this journey with you.  CLICK HERE for details. 

Questions? Please email me. I’d love to discuss this further with you.

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