Journal Prompt – This Week’s Truth

Remind yourself of one (or more if you like) truth. 
Example: I am capable. I can and will complete that assignment.
What is one truth you will remind yourself of this week?

I am amazed sometimes at the things I say to myself. Things I would never say to anyone else.

“You are useless.” “You will never succeed.” “You know they didn’t mean it when they said you looked nice today.”

I have to STOP the negative self-talk. I won’t say these things to others, why do I say them to myself?

I know I cannot change everything in my self-esteem all at once. So I will face down one lie at a time.

The first I need to face down is a simple two-word phrase “Yes BUT,”

That “yes but” response is like looking into a shattered mirror. There is no clear picture.

For example, telling myself “you can’t do anything right”. What do you mean I can’t do anything right? I made the bed, cleaned the house, fixed meals for my family.

Yes, but…….. you missed that cobweb in the corner.

Yes, but ….. you overcooked the beans.

Yes, but….. you really should have washed the sheets before you made the bed.

Yes, but…..

And it goes on and on and on. For every single thing I accomplished, I will find two or more I did not. Gotta keep that negative column full.

Enough is enough.

Today, I will accept my successes and fight not to tear them down. Yes, it is a fight. It is an ongoing battle. It takes only 1 defeat to ruin my day. So today I will focus on this one battle. There are many more, but I will choose this battle today. And tomorrow I will continue this battle. If I take a punch, I will catch myself, say out loud “STOP the Negative Talk” and I will move forward.

As I am ready I will add look at another lie and begin to do battle with it. I could make a list of many things, but that there is an old phrase “Success is a Series of Small Wins”. So I am starting small. First this win, then the next.

And I won’t do it alone. I share my lie and my desire to defeat it with those around me who will encourage me. They hold me accountable saying ‘yes but what is the success you will focus on’. I will then choose to whom I will listen: that person helping the put-down; or the one building me up. Yes, there is a choice there too

What negative self-talk lie will you face down this week and who will you choose to encourage you?

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