“I don’t talk negatively to myself”

After I hosted the first “Defeating the Lies of Negative Self-Talk” webinar, I spoke with a woman who participated. She said “I think what you are offering is great, but I don’t talk negatively to myself”.

I thanked her for participating. A week or so later we met up again. She said she couldn’t believe it. She didn’t think she talked negatively to herself, and just that day alone she caught herself 3 times! Her daughter was standing beside her and interjected with a few more time she hadn’t noticed. “I am now paying attention to what I say to myself.”

The first goal of the program is to start to recognize this within ourselves. It may take some time. Catch yourself one time. Make note of it. Don’t stress or fret over it. Notice it.

You cannot deal with it if you have not recognized it.

Watch your conversation this week – with others and with yourself.

Are you speaking to/about yourself in an manner you would speak to/about someone you love?

“Take captive every thought” – 2 Corinthians 10:5

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