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Expand Your Comfort Zone in 6 Steps

Most of us avoid discomfort at all costs. It’s the biggest limiting factor for most people. If you could handle discomfort better, you would never procrastinate, never quit a diet, exercise every day, and complete everything you ever wanted to accomplish. You would most likely live a much more exciting life.

Follow this process to become more comfortable with discomfort and set yourself free:

  1. Start with something that is difficult, but not too challenging.
  2. Start slow. You can always add a little bit of time or extra challenge later.
  3. Push through a little discomfort. Avoid allowing yourself to quit at the first urge to stop.
  4. Observe your discomfort. As you take note of your discomfort and learn not to become emotionally involved in your discomfort, you will notice the discomfort lessen.
  5. Take a deep breath and force yourself to smile.
  6. Continue to push a little further each time. You will notice the process gets easier.

How will you get started?

As a life coach, I help you find the strength within you to begin taking those small steps. Schedule a time to talk.

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