Prioritizing Your To-Do List: Tips 8 and 9

Have you stepped into the first 7 tips for prioritizing your to-do list? Yes, you can accomplish your to-do list and move forward. Prioritizing can be done. Let’s review and look at tips 8 and 9 of the 10.

Tip 1: Prioritizing

Tip 2: Make a List

Tip 3; Rank Your Priorities List by Urgency

Tip 4: Break Your Large Tasks into Smaller Pieces

Tip 5: Delegate What You Can

Tip 6: Set Deadlines for Each Task

Tip 7: Look For Opportunities for Growth

Tip 8: Start With Your Most Important Task

Another classic tip to try you might have heard referred to as “eat the frog.” The idea here is that you start with your most important task, that way you know you at least finished that. Some people choose their most hated task to do first. The same idea applies, though; it’s all about getting it over with ASAP.

Tip 9: …or Don’t

Contrary to the last tip, sometimes you are so unmotivated that you don’t have the energy to tackle anything important. If that feels like you, then start with the absolute easiest, no-brainer task you can. Sometimes doing that is enough to build your momentum so you can tackle the high-priority stuff.

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