Journal Prompt

Today is Monday. As I am planning my week I ask myself one question,

How will what I am doing now, bring me closer to my year-end goal?

I have set the course. There will be checkpoints along the way. I must keep my eye on the prize.

This isn’t always easy.

I am a natural multi-tasker. It is not unusual to have more than a dozen tabs open on my browser, WORD, my checkbook software, and more at the same time. I do a little here, a little there, start something else, make a phone call, and continue at this pace. (This also explains why I have a number of knit and crochet projects in various bags in my closet.)

While I do get a lot done, I accept that I would get more if I worked one project all the way through, then move on. Knowing and doing are two separate issues.

Thus, this week’s journal prompt. I have my word of the year. I have goals for this year. I don’t want to keep starting new things. I want to keep growing and learning with a goal in mind. If a new project takes me away from the goal, then I need to reconsider where it will lead me.

This week means completing and posting this blog post, continuing to prepare for the next Defeating the LIES workshop, preparing speeches for upcoming Toastmasters events, and resting when my mind and body say ‘enough’.

What goals do you have for this week, and where are they leading you?

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