Weekly Journal Prompt

I was recently talking with some friends. We were discussing things we are looking forward to over the next few weeks, months, even a few years.

It took me a little bit to think of what I am looking forward to. I often think of the next few months, maybe even within this year. When the friend commented saving and planning for an Alaskan cruise it made me wonder what I am planning past this year.

Thus this week’s prompt.

Tonight I am looking forward to the KC Chiefs winning the Super Bowl tonight (it had to be said, hehe).

This month I am excited my small group weekly meeting begin again.

This year I excited to grow in leadership in speaking skills as I continue to participate in Toastmasters.

Beyond that? I don’t know. I think I will pull out my journal and prayerfully consider this response.

How about you? What is something you are forward to?

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