How to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

We live in a world that has us plugged in 24/7. We get so involved in news, social media, work, home life, kids, etcetera that we can feel there is no time for a cup of coffee, let alone reflection.

The Importance of Reflection and Gratitude

  • An uneventful or even disastrous day is filled with valuable gifts when we take a moment to reflect on them.
  • Gratitude is one of the most important components for attracting prosperity and abundance.

Benefits of Reflection

  • Stronger Emotional Intelligence
  • Stronger Integrity and Leadership
  • Stronger Self-Confidence
  • Personal Growth
  • Stress Relief
  • Success Evaluation
  • Goal Setting
  • Increased Happiness

Reflection Tips

  • Try to get in the habit of journaling
  • If that is too much, start with a simple “one line” journal note
  • Choose a time and place to practice self-reflection
  • Share some ah-ha moments with others through social media
  • Download a gratitude app to help guide you

Benefits of Gratitude

Recent research indicates that people who frequently feel grateful experience more:

  • energy
  • optimism
  • social connections
  • happiness

Grateful people are less likely to be:

  • anxious
  • depressed
  • self-absorbed
  • greedy
  • suffereing from substance abuse
  • struggling economically
  • having sleep issues
  • sedentary

Tips to Focus on Gratitude

  • Consciously practice gratitude
  • Make it personal
  • Stay focused on what you have
  • Share your attitude of gratitude with others
  • Change your perspective in failure toward the positive

“The more you express GRATITUDE for what you have, the more you will have to express gratitude for. It’s equally true that you will never find a happy person who is not a grateful person, so gratitude is a marvelous place to start.” – Zig Ziglar

Gratitude is a choice. Take charge of your thoughts and develop an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE.

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