Countdown to 60 – 3 days to go

I was watching some little girls getting ready to play house. One little girl caught my attention. She was assigning roles to each player, setting the scene of what they would be doing, and even telling everyone what they would say and do. She had their play time all scripted out.

Watching this, I had to laugh at myself. This is what I try to do every day with every aspect of my life. Like that little girl, I am very detail oriented. I like to know what is going to happen and when. I want to know what everyone is doing and how they are doing it. I want to know how everything comes together in the end. I want a script in my life.

I don’t like uncertainty. Uncertainty leads to chaos!

Yet, life is full of uncertainty. I like Bob Goff’s comment because it makes me stop for a moment to reflect back. It was in moments of uncertainty that we grow. It is in moments of chaos that we find our own peace. And when I look back, it is in those moments where I find a strength I did not know was there.

Life is uncertain. Embrace it. Write the title of that chapter later.

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