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Why I Wash the Towels First

I stand in the bathroom looking at 2 overfull laundry baskets. I swear I just did laundry a couple of days ago, dirty-laundrywhere does it all come from?

I’d like to put it off, but, alas, clean clothes are a must; so I get started.

The first load I do is the towels. Why, you ask, would you make towels first?  Here is how I look at it.

  • The pile of laundry looks like a mountain. If I take out the towels, the mountain has shrunk way down to a manageable hill.
  • Towels do not wrinkle, so if I do them last I am likely to leave them in the dryer and not complete the task of removing them and putting them away. However, if I have another load ready for the dryer, the task must be completed.

When facing other piles of obligations, to do lists, priorities, etcetera I like to use the same principle. What one thing, when completed or even just started, would make the mountain into a hill I can easily manage?

I find once that big item is in the works, the others often fall easily into place. I am energized and able to move forward.

What processes do you use to keep yourself focused and motivated?

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