Proactive Ways To Deal With A Complicated Life

Sometimes life can be complicated and there is nothing you can do about. The last two years have certainly confirmed this. Perhaps your complicated life comes from the family you were born into, your genetics, or even a mess you may have gotten yourself into. I am here to tell you, THIS IS OKAY!! A complicated life can be a normal part of the human experience. What is important is how you deal with your complicated life, and you need to do so proactively. 

Don’t Focus On The Past

Being proactive means, you are always preparing for the future. This means you don’t spend time dwelling on the past. Of course it is likely that your life became the complicated mess that it is today because of the past, but it’s time to let what happened go, and strive to focus on the future instead. 

When you focus on the future, your mind is open, allowing you to see (PERSPECTIVE) possible (POSSIBILITIES) plans (PATHWAYS) that will arise before they actually show up to complicate your life. Forward thinking can help you prepare mentally (PROCEED) for complications. 

Then, when these problems do arise, you will already have a potential solution for them and be able to handle them with ease. Forward thinking will also help you to have more positive thoughts and dwell less on the negatives. 

Learn To Prioritize

Yes, your life is complicated, but dealing with the complications doesn’t have to consume your whole life. For example, if your life is complicated because of family problems outside of your control, don’t be afraid to put these issues on the back burner and focus on your own mental health. Your health and well-being are much more important than a feud happening within your family. 

When you learn to prioritize your life, you may find that the things complicating your life are no longer as difficult as they used to be. Sure, they will still be there, but when you put yourself and your priorities first, dealing with complications will no longer seem defeating. 

Focus On The Things You Can Control

When life is complicated, and stays complicated, this is often because of something you have no control over. Dwelling on the things you have no control over can make you feel powerless and may lead to your life spiraling, becoming consumed by the complications. 

Stop the spiral by applying your time, energy, and most importantly your focus to the things you can control. Continuing with the family feud example, you could be constantly fielding phone calls from them, listening to their stories, comments, complaints, etc. Rather than wasting your energy getting involved in issues you have no control over and/or are not involved, focus on what you can and cannot offer.  If you need to step back and not get involved, that’s fine. Just focus on what you can do to help then let it go if the burden is not yours to carry. 

Yes, life can sometimes be complicated, and this is understandable. But no matter the reason your life is complicated, it is up to you to be proactive in the ways you deal with it to prevent it from becoming more complicated. 

You can be proactive by (1) thinking of the future, (2) prioritizing your life, and (3) focusing only on the things you can control. If you do all these things, you will be better prepared for future complications, and will be able to live a bit more unstressed life when some complicated aspects of it are out of control. 

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