Journal Prompt – Peace in Stress

Suffering anxiety and stress, I have learned if I have a plan of action, I can sometimes avoid the immediate reaction by having a plan in place.

It’s like planning ahead to get out of the house if there were a fire, making the reaction to seek safety an instinct. If I plan ahead for ‘a way out’ or ‘a response plan’ to a possible stress trigger, I have found I respond instead of react.

Reacting in the moment caused stress and anxiety levels to increase. I cannot think clearly. I often escalate the situation.

If I can remain calm, taking control of the reaction, I can:

  • think clearly
  • see more sides than tunnel vision allows
  • consider the responses and affect on others
  • make better decisions

Realizing the need to plan for stress and anxiety I try looking ahead.

  • STOP! Catch myself.
  • Take a deep breath, don’t say anything.
  • If possible, step away for a few moments.
  • Pray for peace and clarity.

How do you keep ‘peace for the moment’ when stress and anxiety are triggered? What is your plan of action in preparation?

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