Journal Prompt – Don’t Stop Now

You started the year stating a Big Goal and worked diligently toward it.

Then, BAMM, life happened and you are quarantined.

How has it affected your progress? What can you do during this time to stay focused on your Big Goal?

I am currently involved in Bible Study on the book of Ruth. The speaker made a statement I find so appropriate.

I didn’t come this far, just to come this far.

Yes, life has definitely thrown a curve ball. But it hasn’t thrown us out of the game.

Take some time to re-evaluate your Big Goal. For some, this may cause them to see it isn’t the priority they thought. There is something much bigger to move toward.

For others, it may confirm the value of this Big Goal. “Achieving this goal will help me be prepared for another attack from life (and there will be ) by……..”

Remind yourself why that goal was important to you a few months ago. Focus on the end result. You can still get there. Make plans to step around the obstacles and continue to move forward. It is within your grasp.

Keep going.

This pandemic will end. Don’t let it end your dream.

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