Change the Filter

My husband and I start our mornings with a cup of coffee.  Add a touch of cream and head toward the day’s work. During the morning we may add another cup or two.

Lately I’d noticed after the first one I didn’t want any more. During a coffee conversation I told my husband I thought it was probably the meds. Coffee wasn’t tasting good, no matter how much creamer I added to it. He thought a bit and said ‘hmm, I was just thinking my coffee hasn’t been tasting good either.’

Later, while grocery shopping, we passed by a display of Keurig coffee pots and accessories. We looked at each other and said ‘filter’.  A short discussion ensued in which we realized we had not changed out the filter of the coffeemaker in quite some time. First order of duty upon returning home, change the filter.

Over the next few days we looked at each other over our coffee cups with a big smile, ‘oh that tastes good’.

I have to, metaphorically, make it a point to change the filter in my mind. Negativity, guilt, and anger start to alter my thinking, my choices, my words.

Just as I chose to change the filter in the coffee maker, I must make the choice the change the filter in my mind.  For me, it comes from reading words of encouragement, from hearing inspiring stories, from reminders by those around me that my attitude is showing.

How do you become mindful of choosing to change the filter in your attitude?

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