5 Creative Ways to Calm a Chaotic Mind

Do you ever feel like you can’t escape your mind? Maybe it’s always spinning out of control, or perhaps you have so many thoughts it is chaotic clutter within. Many people experience chaos in their own minds, and this can make things difficult when trying to work toward goals.

It is possible to calm the chaotic mind. Here are five creative ways to alleviate this stress. Try each one to see which works for you. 

1. Keep it Busy 

There’s a delicate balance to keeping your mind busy without overcrowding it. It’s one thing to occupy your mind so it doesn’t wander, but it’s a whole different ball game when you start stressing out about endless to-do lists and information overload. Start each day writing 3-5 things you want to accomplish that day — and be sure to add at least one thing that is purely for fun. This will keep your mind busy without getting you too stressed. 

2. Help Others 

Help someone who needs it. Our brains tend to calm down when we’re in “helper mode” because the focus is on others rather than our own problems or stresses. 

3. Pick up a Creative Hobby 

We all have a creative side, whether it’s deep down or you’re continually flexing your creative muscles. Picking up a creative hobby gives your brain a nice, healthy break from the usual grind. Plus, it allows you to expand your intelligence with new forms of thinking. Win-win! 

4. Care for your Physical Being 

The mind and body work hand in hand, so if you aren’t caring for your physical self, you may notice some stress going on in your head. Take time to care for your body — work out more, take a walk, draw a bath, or snooze your alarm clock. Find what works for you. There are lots of ways to reenergize your body so that you can take energize your mind! 

5. Connect with Others 

Helping others and connecting with other people are two totally different things, but both are essential aspects of cultivating an active, healthy mind. As humans, we need socialization. We thrive when we are part of a tribe. We crave human interaction time, so get out there and get social! Every laugh and bit of chatter will feed your mind in countless ways. It could be as simple as having lunch in the park with a friend or meeting for a cup of coffee. It doesn’t have to be a big production; the goal is simple human connection.

These 5 creative ideas are just a start.  The end goal is calming your chaotic mind. Which worked for you? What other ideas would you add to this list? 

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