Week 48 – Journal Prompt

The year is coming to an end. At the beginning of the year there was so much excitement, so much time, so much to do.

How have you kept up throughout the year? I imagine you, like me, had several hiccups and interruptions along the way. After each I then had a choice, return to goal, or leave it behind and go on to another project.

Now, as the year-end is drawing near I am looking back at the goals I set for myself. Though not always where I want to be, I find I am still on track. Now I must decide, do I focus on its completion – or at the very least continue to move forward toward it? Some days it may not feel like it but if I look closer I can see that there are choices along the way.

Looking back, what did you promise yourself you would do? How close are you? What would it take to complete it?

I will process this with my own life coach to get clarity for myself. How or with whom will you process your list? Contact me if I can help.

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