Journal Prompt – Clear Minded Thinking

Our world is in a state of chaos right now with the worldwide quarantine due to COVID-19.

Some are excited, they finally get to spend time alone!. Others are fearful, they are alone!

I want to encourage you not to turn quarantine into total isolation. Reach out to others – call, text, video chat, online gatherings, etc.

Isolation can lead to anxiety and depression. Panic and anxiety will increase.

When in the midst of these, your mind is not clear. This greatly affects your decision making. It’s like after an out-patient procedure, you are told not to make any major decisions for 24 hours. Your mind is unclear. Decisions made will not be rational.

I want to encourage you today to find that place within yourself where you can find peace. Where in your life can you find a place of calmness to release the anxiety and panic?

Your journaling prompt for this week asks how you will remain calm and think clearly during this difficult time. Some things to consider would be

  • who can you share your fears with
  • what are 3 things/actions that help calm you
  • who can you reach out when you feel alone
  • what plans of action can you outline now so that when a situation occurs, you will be able to pull out the plan when you cannot think at that moment
  • how can you encourage others
  • who can you call on to encourage you

What other thoughts go through your mind?

I pray for your health, safety, and peace during this difficult time.

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