Countdown to 60 – 8 days to go

It started like any other day. I woke, got dressed, made plans for the day. I felt good about what I intended to accomplish.

Then I did a quick glance through Facebook. I saw others report on their successes, the way everything was going so well for them.

I stopped to look around at the stack of bills, the clutter in the corner, the unfinished crochet project. Suddenly everything seemed like I must be doing something wrong. Those other people are doing much better at this life thing than I am.

Then I caught myself. I reminded myself people are only showing what they want me to see. Just like I do.

There is no comparison. I am living their life. I have to live only mine. And mine will be joyful if I celebrate my successes, rather than compare to the successes of others.

Their wins are their wins. I can celebrate their wins without diminishing my own.

My wins are mine. I will celebrate mine. Even the win of my 60th birthday!

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