5  Steps to Positive Thinking

How is your day going? 

Is it one of those blah days when you wish you could say something more than a mumbled ‘fine’ when asked ‘how are you?’ Everything isn’t fine, but you know that is the proper response. 

What if you could actually say ‘fine’ and mean it?  It just might be easier than you think.

Your attitude/perspective is where it all begins. When you don’t feel good about yourself, your life, your day, it seems as if everything is wrong. The problem is, life isn’t a steady thing. You might have a really good day followed by another equally bad. On those bad days, you become more sensitive to the many things outside of your control – from the weather to your boss, to politics, and more. It is at moments like this it might seem impossible to ever truly feel good about anything ever again.

The answer lies in your thinking. By being able to think positively – to change your perspective – you will find your entire outlook changes. 

How do you change your perspective of the moment?


The obvious answer is to use more positive words. Instead of saying something negative, either out loud or in your head, chose to find a better way to say things. For example, work isn’t grueling so much as it might have interesting challenges. While this might seem artificial and forced at first, the more you work to rephrase things, the easier it will be to find a more positive spin.


How many times have you talked about ‘having’ to do something? This alone has a negative connotation, as though you’re being forced into something you don’t want to do. Instead of saying “I have to…”  reframe the thought by saying  “I get to….”  instead.  You don’t “have to” do laundry for the family, you “get to” do laundry for the family. You don’t “have to” do a presentation by Friday. You “get to” do one. Hear the difference?  This simple reframing of the project is how you change a task into an opportunity.


It is true that not everything you attempt is going to turn out exactly the way you’d like it to.  Disasters and disappointments are going to happen. Rather than focusing on how it went wrong, consider how you what you could do to shift to a slightly different method or goal. 


It’s so hard to be positive when you’re exhausted and feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes you need to cut yourself some slack and take a break. Things will look brighter when you can come back refreshed. Take a break from the project. Step away from all technology. Take a walk. Enjoy a cup of tea. Breathe.


Being positive does not mean closing your eyes to tragedy or injustice. Bad things are going to happen in the world. But with a positive attitude you will be able to look beyond the tragedy to the next step. Positivity finds solutions where others only see problems. It is the beginning of activism and change. 

It’s time to look at the moment with a new PERSPECTIVE, exploring POSSIBILITIES leading to the opening of new PATHWAYS onto which you can choose to PROCEED with a positive mindset.

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